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Administrator - Wed Aug 17. 2016, 8:35 PM


Thank you for your interest in Hoffman Homes for Youth, a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility utilizing trauma-informed care to treat children with a serious mental health diagnosis.

Through the implementation of the Sanctuary Model we are creating organizational policies and implementing specific tools that create a therapeutic culture. The Sanctuary Model addresses the ways in which trauma, adversity, or chronic stress influence individual behavior and entire organizations.

Our entire community, both the staff and the children in care, are expected to honor the seven
Sanctuary Commitments:

  • A commitment to Nonviolence: being safe outside (physically), inside (emotionally), with others (socially) and to do the right thing (morally).
  • A commitment to Emotional Intelligence: managing our feelings so that we don't hurt ourselves or others.
  • A commitment to Social Learning: respecting and sharing the ideas of our teams.
  • A commitment to Democracy: shared decision making.
  • A commitment to Open Communication: saying what we mean and not being mean when we say it.
  • A commitment to Social Responsibility: together we accomplish more and everyone makes a contribution to organizational culture.
  • A commitment to Growth and Change: creating hope for our children and our staff.

I encourage you to learn more about our program by browsing this website and our online newsletters. Find out how you can become involved through our UPCOMING EVENTS and WAYS TO GIVE. We look forward to hearing from you!

C. Mitchell Snider, MBA
Chief Executive Officer & President

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