Creative Therapies

12/14/17, 12:33 PM
Creative therapies at Hoffman Homes for Youth offer alternative methods of building healthy emotional connections. Art therapy, horticulture therapy, pet therapy, recreation therapy, and therapeutic horsemanship are five creative therapies that were funded through the Rainbow of Hope Capital Campaign. 

Traditional “talk” therapy, while vital, is not sufficient to reach the emotionally withdrawn and vulnerable children admitted to our program.


Music Therapy

12/14/17, 12:39 PM

Art Therapy

07/07/16, 10:20 PM

Seasonal Horticultural Therapy

12/14/17, 12:23 PM

Therapeutic Horsemanship

12/14/17, 12:24 PM

Pet Therapy

06/10/16, 2:35 PM

Recreation Therapy

12/14/17, 12:25 PM
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