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01/19/18, 8:13 AM
Dear Friends,

As I reflect on my more than 24 years as a member of the Board of Directors at Hoffman Homes, I am thrilled to be a part of this very special place. My longevity and service—Chairman of each of the four committees, Personnel, Finance, Building & Grounds and Youth Services, and, now, as the Board President—has allowed me to fully and deeply understand what Hoffman Homes accomplishes with the children who are admitted for treatment. I am more cognizant, now more than ever before, of the fact that Hoffman Homes is about helping children realize their potential by treating them with respect and dignity, while helping them explore and resolve their past traumatic issues.

Hoffman Homes for Youth is a psychiatric residential treatment facility that treats children of all ages. Very often, children who are facing problems resulting from physical, emotional and sexual abuse are admitted to this program. Some of the children have drug and alcohol problems as well. As treatment begins, it does not take long to see the full value of having a dedicated staff working hard to make a difference in the life of each child and his or her famly.

The administration and staff are driven to formulate a treatment program and an individualized treatment plan that addresses each child's needs. This plan reviews and addresses the child's emotional and therapeutic needs, and then establishes workable treatment goals for the child and family. In addition to individual, family and group therapy, there are a variety of special therapy programs utilized to reach the child's goals. These include equine, pet, seasonal horticulture, art and music therapies. Other individualized programs offered are bible study and church services, which are available to the children if they wish to attend.

Hoffman Homes is a great program located in the rural countryside of Gettysburg that provides a therapeutic atmosphere second to none; the campus is quiet and beautiful. As I conclude, I am often amazed at the dedication of the entire staff and administration for what they accomplish in treating these children and their families. This dedicated and caring staff has touched the lives of so many children over the years by helping them become productive adults. I am honored to be a part of this mission, a mission that will flourish with God's will.

Gerald Serfass
Hoffman Homes for Youth Board of Directors 

Board Members

Mr. Gerald Serfass, President
"I serve on the Board of Directors because as a psychiatric residential treatment program for children of all ages, Hoffman Homes and its dedicated staff have touched the lives of many children and put them on a direct path to become well adjusted and productive future adults, and I feel I want to be a part of that process."
Affiliated with the Board since 1993
Mr. Lee Powell, Vice President
Building & Grounds, Finance and Nominating (Chair) Committees
"I serve on the Board of Directors because upon retiring as Counseling Chairperson at Chambersburg High School, our minister asked if I'd look into HHY work. I spent a day with the Director of Development, thought it over and said, 'Yes!'"
Affiliated with the Board since 1999
Mr. Merris Harvey, Treasurer
Building & Grounds, Finance (Chair) and Nominating Committees
"I serve on the Board of Directors because of the tremendous mission to save troubled children."
Affiliated with the Board since 2015

Mrs. Mary Jones, Secretary
Building & Grounds and Finance Committees
"Serving as a board member for Hoffman Homes enables me to be enriched by the lives and needs of children, while sharing my experiences as a Registered Nurse and Healthcare Risk Manager."
Affiliated with the Board since 2014 

Mr. Roy Blose

Building & Grounds (Chair), Finance and Nominating Committees

"I remember so well the first time I visited Hoffman Homes almost 25 years ago to consider an invitation to join the Board of Directors. It didn't take me long to realize that I was compelled to serve the interests of the Hoffman children. The reason was simple for me, because I was blessed to have experienced my formative years in an environment very foreign to some of these kids. I had a loving, caring family, which many Hoffman kids do not. I was safe and secure in my home, unlike many at Hoffman. So, I accepted a Board position and have happily supported the program for 24 years and counting. A lot has changed at Hoffman and the program we offer for kids has expanded significantly. In fact, I consider Hoffman Homes a world-class treatment program…a program that, by its nature, requires continuous improvement, vigilant staff focus and training, and leading-edge treatment to meet the increasingly challenging needs of our children in
care. I am proud to have been a small part of this organization over the past two decades and hope to continue supporting Hoffman Homes and its children for many years to come."
Affiliated with the Board since 1993
Mr. Michael Bross
Building & Grounds and Finance Committees
Affiliated with the Board since 2010


Mr. Douglas Fitzgerald

Personnel and Youth Services Committees
"I devote my time to the Hoffman Homes Board of Directors to support an organization that helps children in need. Over the years, Hoffman Homes for Youth has helped children through difficult circumstances and, in the process, improved the quality of life for many of them. It is a great way to give and help others."
Affiliated with the Board since 2013


Rev. John Fureman
Personnel, Youth Services (Chair) and Nominating Committees

"I am pleased and honored to serve on the Hoffman Homes Board because I believe every child inherently deserves the right to grow and develop toward their full potential as a successful and productive adult. Hoffman Homes offers a broad spectrum of theraputic services to provide opportunities for young persons who have experienced unthinkable trauma and abuse, to help give them the same chance for success as other children. I am constantly amazed at the compassion, dedication and expertise of the Hoffman staff in providing consistently loving care in very complex situations." 

Affiliated with the Board since 2016
Mr. Michael Kowalik
Personnel (Chair), Youth Services and Nominating Committees
"I serve on the board because I believe that every child is entitled to be in a safe environment where he/she can receive treatment tailored to meet his/her invdividual needs. Also, I am continually impressed by management and staff in their continuing efforts to help children meet their goals during their stay at Hoffman Homes." 
Affiliated with the Board since 2006

Ms. Jill Marie
Personnel and Youth Services Committees
"With more than 34 years' experience working with at-risk kids, I was eager to put my expertise to work to benefit the children and staff of Hoffman Homes for Youth. I understand firsthand the value of their worthwhile work and the challenges they face, and I'm proud to support their mission of caring and service."
Affiliated with the Board since 2016
Mr. Vic McCloskey
Building & Grounds and Finance Committees
"I have served on Hoffman Homes boards for over 12 years, and am returning once again because of the success that I have observed over those years of the caring and dedicated staff transforming the difficult lives of so many children."

Affiliated with the Board since 2004
Mrs. Mary Moyer
Personnel and Youth Services Committees
"I serve on the Board of Directors because I believe that the fortunate children who are admitted to Hoffman Homes have the opportunity to engage in activities and treatment programs that provide a safe haven during their stays. We are blessed to have such an excellent facility in our area." 

Affiliated with the Board since 2016


Mr. Miles Smid
Personnel and Youth Services Committees
"I serve on the Board of Directors because Hoffman Homes provides psychiatric care for troubled children. Its dedicated staff helps each child develop and pursue a structured plan of care to meet their life's goals. I often wonder what would happen to these children if Hoffman Homes did not exist, and I feel good when I do my part."

Affiliated with the Board since 2016
Mr. Kaleb Snider
Personnel and Youth Services Committees

Affiliated with the Board since 2017

Mr. Rob Stone
Building & Grounds and Finance Committees
"It takes a truly unique program to meet the varying needs of such a special group of children. It is a true honor to serve such a wonderful organization as a member of the Board of Directors, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to assist in providing hope, healing, and a brighter future for all the children we are privileged to serve." 

Affiliated with the Board since 2017

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