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THANK YOU for all of your support and caring!"
– Mother, October  2017
K. signed herself out of treatment against the advice of her parents, therapist, housing staff and psychiatristShe made an impulsive, detrimental decision. K. is not currently residing at home because of her choices. We are heartbroken over her decision to leave Hoffman Homes. We feel she would have succeeded if she continued there and truly put in the work required." 

– Mother, October 2017
I appreciate the efforts Hoffman Homes put into working with T. While her diagnosis and needs are certainly complex, she is a very special kid." 

– Children and Youth Services Caseworker, August 2017
Always productive meetings that focused on the youth and family." 

– Agency Caseworker, April 2017


[The youth] appears to have benefited greatly from your program. Thank you!"
– Children, Youth and Families Supervisor, April 2017
I was very pleased with treatment coordination, aftercare planning and communication." 

– PA Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) Coordinator, June 2016
The teachers and school personnel were fabulous." 

– Mother, June 2016
I am very pleased with the entire staff and the way they were there and helped Dylan when he needed it. I could not ask for a better team." 

– Mother, March 2016
They really helped Rebecca to change and grow. The pet therapy program was so helpful." 

– Mother, March 2016
We have been through a few different treatment facilities and Hoffman was by far the best. Dr. Manfredi and Nick's therapist were outstanding. I think this was the first treatment that has been successful for our son. Thank you." 

– Father, March 2016
Overall experience was excellent. My son's therapist was fabulous with him and I always felt informed, involved and that Shane's best interests were at heart." 

– Mother, January 2016
Working with Shane's therapist was an exceptionally positive experience. She is a great team player, and always makes a great effort to collaborate with system partners, as well as respecting a family's culture." 

– Agency Caseworker, January 2016
My daughter has been home almost a month now and I have seen many positive changes. Her therapist was very insightful. She gave me many good tools to use and always listened to what I had to say.”

– Mother

Thank you to the entire staff for all the help you gave my son and our family. Everybody's kindness and professionalism made his stay all the better.”

– Mother

My son's 9-month stay at Hoffman Homes was a very positive and uplifting experience for our entire family. He loved the different therapy programs you offered. Staff, Therapists, Teachers and Healthcare Nurses were always there to assist us in many ways.”

– Mother

Your facility is one of the best!

– Agency Caseworker

Treatment plans were always very informative and comprehensive.”

– Agency Caseworker

Great job! Above and beyond my expectations!”

– Agency Caseworker

“His team not only addressed immediate psychological/psychosocial/ multi-systemic needs, they addressed and resolved subtly issues that I thought would take him years to overcome to be a fully functioning spirit. Thanks and Congratulations!”

– Agency Caseworker

I found all staff to be very competent and helpful. I liked the number of Creative Therapies utilized for treatment. I would definitely use and recommend Hoffman Homes in the future.”

– Agency Caseworker

Therapist was wonderful! Hoffman Homes was the best thing that could have happened for my granddaughter.”

– Grandmother

When I admitted my child I was very afraid and feeling guilty. I am so glad Hoffman Homes accepted my child. It has really proven to be a tremendous asset in the development of my son. The growth he has shown is amazing. Nothing short of a miracle. Thank you again for the love and compassion extended to my son and my family during his stay at your facility. I would gladly recommend any parent to bring their child to Hoffman Homes.”

– Mother

I can only hope that the lessons learned will stay with my son Brandon. Thank you for giving him a fighting chance.”

– Mother
I am grateful for Hoffman Homes. I think highly of each and every staff member. My son was able to feel trust and make relationships with honesty and sincerity with staff, which helped in his road to recovery tremendously. Very pleased with this facility and its care.” 

– Mother, January 2013

My child was in treatment since 2004 and in many places, but when he arrived at Hoffman Homes he changed a lot. I love Hoffman Homes, I now have a new child. Thank you to all staff.”

– Mother, January 2013

In 2017, there were 111 children admitted to Hoffman Homes. Of the 116 children discharged, 90% successfully met their individualized treatment goals. For admission or program information, please call 717-359-7148, ext. 1200. 
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