Clinical Services

06/10/16, 2:04 PM
Hoffman Homes for Youth serves children who suffer from a mental health diagnosis to include such disorders as depression, bi-polar, pervasive developmental disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder. All children admitted to our program have been identified as being of risk to themselves or others and a large majority have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, as well as other types of trauma.

For this reason, Hoffman Homes for Youth focuses on providing the best clinical services available. Masters level therapists provide individual, specialty groups, and family psychotherapy. These therapists are assigned to all children in a particular residence and work in close cooperation with the psychiatrist and treatment team members.

Therapists benefit from clinical oversight and consultation from the psychiatrist. Therapy skills are enhanced by regular psychiatric consultations, case review meetings, and continuing education opportunities. Each therapist is responsible for regular communication with treatment team members including parents/guardians and referring agencies.

Group therapy is provided through a variety of modalities that include discussion, activity, fitness and recreation. Groups are formed to achieve specific goals and to address specific problems. Ongoing groups address specific issues such as anger management, stress reduction, value clarification, sexuality, self-esteem, stimulus control, and social skills development.

Specialty groups meet in twelve week units and are designed for children who have specific issues to address. Examples of some topics may include:
Discharge Group for Youth -- designed to help children who have 30 days or fewer until their successful discharge from Hoffman Homes

Drug & Alcohol Group -- provides a basic understanding of the addiction and healing process

Grief & Loss Group -- allows for systematic expression of past severe losses that may still be unresolved

Trauma Group -- provides a safe environment for children to process trauma while learning about the recovery process

Self Esteem -- provides support and activities to improve self-esteem

HERO -- to increase education and awareness regarding sexual orientation and gender identity
Hoffman Homes staff are responsible for the care, supervision, and monitoring of the children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Daily interactions between children and staff are used to build relationships, trust, and respect. Skills acquired through formal education, experience, on-the-job training, and ongoing in-service seminars enable residential services staff to provide the highest quality of care.

Residence bedrooms accommodate 1-4 children and are equipped with motion detectors to help ensure the children's safety. Individual storage areas for clothing and personal belongings are located in each child's area.

Breakfast, dinner, and weekend meals are prepared and served in the residences. All meals, including school lunches, are planned under the direction of a qualified chef and consulting registered dietitian. The meals meet the recommended daily culinary allowances (RDA) as outlined by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council. Meals must also meet the National School Lunch Policy requirements. Children who require special diets, as ordered by the attending physician, receive meals that are prepared and served in consultation with the dietitian and the American Dietetic Association Diet Manual. Follow-up contacts and nutritional assessments are conducted by the dietitian on a regular basis. Snacks are also provided in the residences each afternoon and evening.

Children participate in many leisure and physical activities. Residences have space and equipment (televisions, computer games, board games, magazines, books, etc.) to provide a variety of opportunities for relaxation. A fishing pond, soccer field, softball field, playground, basketball courts, and volleyball court provide opportunities for outdoor recreation. In addition, residences plan special trips to the surrounding communities. Hoffman Homes for Youth has an indoor gymnasium and a fully equipped cardio exercise room. A recreational room provides children the opportunity to engage in games and various activities with their peers and staff. The summer schedule includes a structured daily schedule of therapeutic and recreational activities, field days, and a talent show. These activities are held on the Hoffman Homes for Youth campus as well as outings into the surrounding communities. These cooperative learning activities are designed to teach tolerance, cooperation, and conflict resolution.
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