Medical Services

06/10/16, 2:04 PM
Managing the health and wellness needs of more than 130 children is a full-time job for our trained and dedicated nursing staff. A department of 9 full-time nurses assess and treat children and administer medications. The children at Hoffman Homes for Youth receive ongoing somatic, psychiatric and dental care.

At Hoffman Homes for Youth we administer an average of 15,000 medications per month. Pharmaceutical supplies are provided through a contractual relationship with a JCAHO approved long-term care and infusion pharmacy.

Health and wellness education for children, families, and employees is an important component of Hoffman Homes for Youth health care services. Every child is provided with information concerning HIV/AIDS and personal hygiene. Group discussions are conducted on a variety of topics such as medication and infection control.

In addition, parents and guardians are provided with written information about their child's medication at the time the medication is started and when the child is discharged from Hoffman Homes for Youth. Each child is given written information about his or her medications and nursing staff are available to answer questions. Nurses also conduct orientation and annual seminars for staff on a variety of subjects.
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