Pastoral Services

06/10/16, 2:03 PM
A history of love and service continue to guide the life and work of Hoffman Homes for Youth. Affiliated with the United Church of Christ since 1910, our ministry seeks to positively influence children in all areas of living - body, mind, spirit and emotions. 

Children are encouraged to develop and embody whole lives through educational growth, improved mental and physical health, stronger social relationships and an increased awareness and experience of God.

The spiritual grounding of our ministry at Hoffman Homes for Youth is broad and welcoming.

Spiritual Affirmations
  1. Each of us has a basic need to look beyond ourselves for spiritual strength and truth.
  2. Experience of God is foundational to one's sense of meaning and purpose.
  3. Each human being is a person of worth, and this worth is not diminished by irresponsible behavior.
  4. Each person has the freedom to choose and to change.
  5. Each of us is called to exercise our freedom with responsibility.
  6. We are relational beings, and the goodness of life is enhanced through positive, caring and responsible relationships with one another.
  7. No situation or problem is without hope, redemption or reconciliation.
Children come to us with serious challenges. Many have been victims of abuse and are a threat to themselves or others. This does not change the reality that they are children unconditionally loved by God. The traumatic experiences of youth in our care influence every aspect of their being and living. Their spirits are wounded - as are their minds, bodies and relationships. 

The pastoral services offered to children in our care are always voluntary. There is no forcing of chapel activities, belief or practice, but rather opportunity to understand the spiritual in relation to other areas of the child's life experiences and current treatment plan. As a holistic ministry, Hoffman Homes for Youth works with children and families to provide intentional and organic treatment within a welcoming, safe and structured environment.

Chapel services at HHY are voluntary. Discussion groups and Bible study sessions are held on occasion to invite children to explore beliefs and values, and reflect how these understandings influence behavior, choices and interactions with others. At admission, a spiritual assessment interview is conducted by each child's therapist.

Cultural Affirmations
Cultural awareness and sensitivity inform our care at Hoffman Homes for Youth. This includes the attitudes and knowledge of our staff, the physical surroundings of our campus, and our clinical, educational, health and pastoral care programs. Multicultural awareness and understanding is honored through basics such as the news, books, music, holidays, games, food and tolerance that influence daily campus life. Hoffman Homes for Youth encourages conflict resolution skills and cultural knowledge as appropriate to age and cognitive ability.
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