Admissions Requirements

Hoffman Homes for Youth is dedicated to helping children successfully meet their treatment goals and experience growth and healing through this process. Children often come to Hoffman Homes for Youth when they continue to struggle emotionally and behaviorally and community-based interventions have been exhausted. It is not uncommon for children receiving treatment to have experienced some sort of trauma which has significantly impacted their mental health.

To be considered for admission to Hoffman Homes for Youth, children must have a psychiatric recommendation for placement in a residential treatment facility. The referral assessment process takes into consideration a number of factors including a psychiatric evaluation and recommendation, psychological evaluation, social history, medical history, cognitive skills, previous placement history, family resources, level of aggressive or self-injurious behavior, school history, level of substance abuse and legal history and status.

What to Expect on Admission Day 

When you arrive, you will follow Entrance 3 to the main parking lot and sign in with the receptionist in the adjacent Administration Building. In order to protect the privacy rights and provide for the safety of all children in care Hoffman Homes for Youth requires all visitors to provide photo identification. You may request your picture be taken on the day of admission if you do not have other photo identification available.

Throughout the day of admission, children and their families and agency representatives will meet with staff representing the Admissions Department, Medical Services Department, and Hoffman Academy education staff. A psychiatric and medical assessment will be completed, all required paperwork and documentation will be reviewed and completed, and the child will be oriented to his or her residence. The legal guardian is asked to accompany the child on the day of admission to sign consent forms, information release forms, medical forms, and educational forms. The admission process will take approximately three hours.

Please bring all current medications/prescriptions. Personal hygiene products are provided to the children by Hoffman Homes for Youth. It is recommended that a seven to ten-day supply of season appropriate clothing be packed for the child. Children should not bring personal items of great value with them. Many children choose to bring hand held electronic games, toys, art supplies, books, and music players with headphones. Items with phone, internet, camera, or recording features are not permitted.

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The average length of stay at Hoffman Homes is 8-9 months. This can vary from child to child based on the individual progress in treatment.  

Children are encouraged to maintain regular contact with those listed on their phone and visitation list. Visitation is arranged through the child’s therapist and can occur on campus, off campus, and at home.  

Children are provided with bed linens, pillows, towels, and hygiene products. Please provide a 7 to 10-day supply of clothing. They may also bring a few toys or independent activities for free time as well as a blanket or a few stuffed animals from home if they prefer to make their dorm area more familiar.  

We currently offer Art, Music, Animal-Assisted, and Equine-Assisted Therapies. Creative Therapies run on 8 to 10-week cycles with small groups of 1-3 children. When a new cycle begins, the child’s therapist will refer children to these groups. Creative Therapies occur in addition to individual, family, and group therapy.

Hoffman Homes for Youth has a very limited resource for transportation for home visits so parents and guardians are requested to provide transportation for visits home. Hoffman Homes for Youth does offer complimentary overnight accommodations for parents to stay on campus to visit with their children over weekends to reduce travel.  

Families that do not reside in the local area can participate in meetings and sessions by phone or video conferencing if they cannot be here in person.

We look forward to meeting with you and your child!

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a tour, please contact:

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