Creative Therapies

Creative Therapies at Hoffman Homes for Youth offer alternative methods of identifying and expressing emotions. They are vital in helping staff reach the most vulnerable of young adults. Art Therapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy, and Equine-Assisted Therapy are offered to students in 10-week cycles. Participation is voluntary. 

Art Therapy

The goal of Art Therapy is to provide young adults knowledge about art in a non-threatening environment. Using individual creativity, young adults learn responsibility, safe coping strategies and learn/strengthen skills while expressing themselves artistically. They are able to enhance self-esteem, promote identity formation, manage stress and support overall well-being. 

Young adults have the opportunity to experience Art Therapy in groups as well as individual therapy based on treatment goals and individual needs. Many of the young adults enjoy an open studio approach in which they are permitted to utilize materials of their choosing. Young adults are offered many different art mediums that include but are not limited to photography, pottery, crafts, sewing, collage, drawing, painting, jewelry making, paper-mache and creative writing.

By participating in Art Therapy, the young adults learn a variety of skills, which support their treatment goals, and that they can utilize during and after residential treatment. Many have expressed feelings of pride and confidence in their artwork and themselves.