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The event is imaginary…the need is real!

Forget the killer heels, cancel the mani-pedi, leave your black tie in the closet, don’t trim your stay-at-home beard. Enjoy a night in and show your support for the children at Hoffman Homes for Youth!  

Each November for the last 16 years we have come together to support the children in our community.  We had exciting things in store to celebrate our 110-year anniversary of helping children at the annual fall event, but 2020 had a different plan.  However, since we can’t be together in person, let’s celebrate in a different way!   

This year you don’t need to spend a night away from your family, dress up, hire a babysitter or reserve a hotel room, just show your support for our program from the comforts of your home! Instead with little overhead and expenses, most of the funds raised will go directly to our program. At the end of the day, it has never been about the party, it has always been about showing compassion for children in need.