Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program

Residential staff are responsible for the care, supervision, and monitoring of the youth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Daily interactions between youth and staff are used to build relationships, trust, and respect. Skills acquired through formal education, experience, on-the-job training, and ongoing in-service seminars enable residential services staff to provide the highest quality of care. Such trainings include Trauma Informed care, Safe Crisis Management, Diagnosis, Youth Development, and High Risk Behaviors. Residential Programs provide the following:

  • Residence bedrooms accommodate 1-4 youth and are equipped with motion detectors to help ensure the youth’s safety.

  • Individual storage areas for clothing and personal belongings are located in each youth’s area.

  • Residences have space and equipment (televisions, video games, board games, radios, magazines, books, etc.) to provide a variety of opportunities for peer engagement, relaxation, and coping strategies.

  • Breakfast, dinner, and weekend meals are prepared and served in the residences. All meals, including school lunches, are prepared by the culinary team. Lunches during the school week are in the dining hall. Snacks are also provided in the residences each afternoon and evening.

  • Youth participate in many leisure, fitness and physical activities. On campus, we have a fishing pond, soccer field, softball field, playground, basketball court, volleyball court, indoor gymnasium, cardio exercise room, and recreational room with ping pong and video games.

  • Video cameras have been installed in public areas throughout the residences to assist in ensuring the safety of youth and staff.

  • Outings to the surrounding communities include hiking, swimming, YMCA membership, movies, bowling and more!

  • Summer schedule includes a structured daily schedule of therapeutic, recreational and field day activities.

  • Hoffman General store is open during the week for youth to purchase items with “Hoffman Bucks” earned for displaying positive behaviors.

Admissions Requirements

Hoffman Homes for Youth is dedicated to helping youth successfully meet their treatment goals and experience growth and healing through this process. Youth often come to Hoffman Homes for Youth when they continue to struggle emotionally and behaviorally and community-based interventions have been exhausted. It is not uncommon for youth receiving treatment to have experienced some sort of trauma which has significantly impacted their mental health.