Shelter Program

Hoffman Homes for Youth is pleased to offer a new shelter program to males and females ages 7-21 who are in the custody of Young adults and Youth Services. This new shelter program will provide placement for the youth while the county pursues a permanent living resource for them.

Our organization has been a source of safety and renewal for youth and young adults in Pennsylvania for more than 110 years. Within the new program, youth will receive guidance from staff trained in trauma-informed practices. We want to provide support, hope, and resources to help displaced youth who are often experiencing emotional distress and other mental health challenges.

How can you help? We want to offer our youth and young adults as much as possible to make their transition easier. Our community can support us by providing new toys/activities – we are also open to partnering with local businesses willing to provide activities at a reduced rate (movies, restaurants, etc.)

Donation items needed include toys, games, composition books, fidget and coping items, undergarments/socks (any size/gender), and tote or duffle bags to hold their belongings.

The services provided by the Shelter Program include:

  • Care, support, and supervision by staffed trained in trauma-informed practices
  • Equine-assisted, art, and animal-assisted creative therapy options
  • Education services (if applicable)
  • A structured schedule of activities
  • Group Therapy

*If someone is receiving outpatient services to include individual and family therapy within the local area, we will work with the referring county agency to provide transportation so they can continue receiving these services.

To learn more, ask questions, or submit a referral, please contact

Amanda RubeckSupervisor of County Programs

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717-359-7148 x2704