Spiritual Services  

A religious perspective of love and service to others was the basis for the establishment of the Hoffman Orphanage in 1910, and it is the basis for our existence today. We are related to the United Church of Christ but we function as an autonomous 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The religious services offered are inter-faith and participation is voluntary as we respect the religious preferences of all children and their families. The religious affirmations upon which our program is based are broad and inclusive.

  • Human beings have a basic need to look beyond themselves for sources of spiritual strength and truth.

  • A belief in God is often a foundation for a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

  • Each human being is a person of worth that is not diminished by irresponsible behavior.

  • Each person has the freedom to choose and to change.

  • Every person is called to exercise that freedom with responsibility.

  • Human beings are relational.

  • The g